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Thread: Preview of hopsin collab

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    Preview of hopsin collab

    <p align="right">Hey i know a lot of yall are fans of Hopsin so i figured id give you a preview of the collab track im workin on with him... It should be done in a week or two.. Im excited to see what he comes with cuz the beat is sick.Animal Instinct! Feedback plz[/p]

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    Straight, Hopsin is sick.

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    no doubt man.. big fan so i figured while i had a little cash id take advantage of collab before hes famous yadadamean haha
    Quote Originally Posted by Shiven Desai
    Straight, Hopsin is sick.

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    Good shit man, nice investment.

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    Haha thanks man.. Thats what i was thinkin

    Quote Originally Posted by aKayRuegawitaTECH9
    Good shit man, nice investment.

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    No one else would drop prices that low for collabs

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    that was sick dude

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    Damn I wanna give a preview of mine now!!

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