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Thread: Do you think strange music can run mainstream

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    Do you think strange music can run mainstream

    With the heat that they got now it can be possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cole

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    Define 'Mainstream'

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    No and I forget what interview it was but travis said he would never chase radio again.

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    Ability and desire are two different things, and the question is, why would they want to? I've never been one of those ppl who wants to be bangin whatever album everybody else is at the moment, so if Strange went mainstream I think that they would lose their appeal for a lot of the long-time fans. Underground and independent is where it's at, and you can still be very successful without selling out and becoming the next YMCMB. Strange is already doing all the right things to foster their fan base by offering things that the majority of other labels do not, such as autographed CD's for no additional charge and not overcharging for exclusive merch even though they could price gouge for that stuff if they wanted to. Personally, I don't want to hear Strange all over the radio, I want to hear them in my car or in my headphones. Fuck the mainstream/commercial garbage. I say Strange should continue to run the independent game and forget mainstream.

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    If you read the latest Seven interview about producing Kelvin he talks about how they're pushing for radio with the beats he's making, that's why Kutt's EP had alot of mainstream sounding beats. Not sure if they're going for radio with everyone or just Kutt but either way, it seems like it will happen eventually.

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    Why does everyone think mainstream is like an actual place. There is no such thing as mainstream.... just getting money

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    Fucking stupid ass thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blizzum

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole

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