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Thread: Legal weed for sale at local head shop!!

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    Legal weed for sale at local head shop!!

    Ok well its not weed, but I have been a smoker for a LONG time now, and let me tell you this shit is unbelievable. Its called spice or mojo smoke. <img src="http:/"/>
    If you love to smoke down, GO TRY IT!! lol I am telling everyone cuz I really cant believe I am high right now, and its 100 percent LEGAL. Its kinda expensive but for it to be legal ill pay it.
    The high is the exact same as weed and its like some kill chronic.
    I didnt even get the best kind either. there is shit better than what I got. Just thought I would share with my fellow pot head. I have now switch to this shit I think its better than weed.

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    how? like what exactly is it

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    ive known about black mamba for quite a while now. i dont smoke but my friends say its good

    Quote Originally Posted by STR@NG3 7-ONE-9
    ive smoked a few a different kinds ones called black mamba and the others r called pepspice and serenity now the black mamba is the best but the others work jus not as long i have smoked bud since july but i found this shit in october and been smokin on since

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    They have passed laws on spice where i live. And they took it out of the head shops. It is illegal to posses it or consume it here. And other states have outlawed it as well. So if it is still legal in your state, enjoy it while you can!!! I personally prefer the real thing over spice. But it is a good alternative, especially if your on probation. However i heard rumors that spice was causing irregular heart beats, and in some cases heart attacks. Anyone else heard that???

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