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    About VIP

    I m about to see tech when he comes to europe and im really excited about it.

    I want to ask though. Should i buy the vip ticket? Can anyone with experince tell me about the one hour greet and stuff?

    Thank you

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    Since you're in Europe I'd definitely buy the VIP especially if you are a big fan. You never know if he will ever come back. I think it's worth the money. You stand in a line tell the body guard your name, he checks it off the VIP list and gives you a satin VIP sticker to put on your shirt. Everybody walks in a line gets their autographs and gets a pic with them. Most people just say things like "I love you you're music is the shit" and that's all. But once everybody has had their turn they usually just stand around being awkward. You can go back and talk to them if you want. I went back and talked to them after everybody had their turn. They are real down to earth people. You can have a normal conversation with them. Most people are star struck. I had a full conversation with Krizz and he told us the whole story about when EMJ got shot on the All 6's and 7's tour. I'd say buy it and make the most of the experience.

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    I'm going to see them in Paris, and i've got my VIP ticket!!!! I was already there when he came in 2010. Biggest fan in France!

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