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Thread: help me out. please!!!

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    help me out. please!!!

    im doin a research paper in school and its gotta be on a great american. and of course i chose the greatest american i know, TECH N9NE!!!! but i need two more print sources do be able to do it. so if any of yall can find me a magazine article or a newspaper article or anything online it'd be sweet. so help me out if you can please.....

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    what has tech done to be considered a "great american" lol

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    he refused to conform or sell out and proved to the world that success doesnt always have to be based on corruption and contributed to breaking the language barrier with his music...

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole Payan [AVCP333
    ]what has tech done to be considered a "great american" lol

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    fuckin sweet dude i got this and i just found a pretty credible MOVE magazine article... thanks dogg

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