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Thread: Colostomy Bag Video

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    Colostomy Bag Video

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    It's still wierd to me that Lynch is on strange. lol

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    Now THAT's some KILLER shit.

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    Brotha lynch is da shit g-shit homie idk how some of you fo0ols Trip on Lynch..... u beezys sound like fo0ols 2 me when you n9ne brotha lynch all day strange music

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    out of the three singles, i think this was the weakest. but still a song i can listen to

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    Wicked shit.. Just Didnt like the joker character..

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    His name is First Degree The D.E. and hes on the album

    Quote Originally Posted by Turbine
    Wicked shit.. Just Didnt like the joker character..

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    Shit is strange as Fuck. Lynch is a crazy mutha fucka. I like the song. He's BACK.

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    holy shit dude have you heard his cd yet thats my question. i agree his flow is weird but dinner and a movie is fucken awesome period.

    Quote Originally Posted by Naveed
    not feelin this shitttttttttttt
    he doesnt really seem to flow with the beat.. just seems kinda random
    but only my opinion

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