parody of brotha lynch's verse hahaha someone asked me to parody one of his songs sooo u kno lol

i hope yaw get it... now u can have a real dinner and a movie after u eat this out the strange music pot!!!!

go get the brotha lynch hung cd "dinner and a movie"!!! if u downloaded it...or if u didnt pre-order it.

i made this while ppl here so i hope yaw like it lol i usualy record alone.

"strange music pot"

ALRIGHTY THEN..we gonna show you how to cook again
you might wanna pull out that book again
read it..but take this section kinda slow
come see about this nigga.....stirin it gentley every so often
for minutes then
ima pick up this cinnomon..wait...but then again
ima pick up this salt again...yes ima grab....dash dash
then ima laugh..bustin my ass..then ima ask.
who wanna try it first?...
b4 u send it remember to cut it up
cuttin up all the extra stuff thats left over and
dont 4get dont cut your hand
slice it up like them mexicans..would..when u see em
poppy should clean em..maybe keep em..or u can eat em
i got dead run over deer in the freezer i aint gonna use it..
i aint wit strange music..but they said i can do this..
parody...anything that they bring.. I KNOW..its strange
dont 4get the cream of wheat and butter thats mixed wit brains..
down your throat..past the dangala...servin it up wit fried rice
if fried twice...its quite nice!!! it tech n9ne

hahahhahahahahaha the throat bangala strangala to these hoes lol jk!!
lol ahhhahahahahah hahahaahhaha