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Thread: The Lost Scripts of K.O.D. question?

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    The Lost Scripts of K.O.D. question?

    Was wondering if anyone knows if it's going to be a digital only release or there will also be physical copies as well? Wanted to know because I like having the physical copies of albums and not to kin on digital releases obviouslly.

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    if you have a pre order you will have a physical copy because he said on his twitter that he was signing the covers for lost scripts pre-orders...if u dont it will only b available on itunes

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    If hes coming to a city where you are just go to the show and they are selling the cd's for 5 dollars. even if you dont go to the show you can still go up there and buy one from joe he'll be outside selling them

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    check this out

    something i asked the other day

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