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Thread: Become a tech n9ne technician on facebook

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    Become a tech n9ne technician on facebook

    I'm not a real big fan of facebook or shit like that. I am a big fan of tech n9ne though lol. So if you have a facebook page, join my "tech n9ne technicians" page. I just made it today so its not 100% done yet but it would be cool to see how many people join and really like tech n9ne on facebook. You can add me on facebook too under my name, Joe Dunn. Tell your friends about it. If u have any ideas for the page or anything lemme know. Im from KCMO. 816-913

    Pic is what the technician page has on it.

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    Use the search feature

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    cool, im on facebook alot to be honest, ill search the page up right now.

    Edit: Joined.

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    we have facebook here to for the idaho tech squad add us up as well for our update and promo info for our area, and other tips and tricks and tech stuff.....thanks...magic

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    I'll try to join in a lil while.

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