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Thread: "God Of War" released.

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    "God Of War" released.

    who likes the newest Kabosh track? i think its the hottest shit in a long time

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    FIRE... That shit is HARD.Straight fight music/ workout music..Tech an Krizz the most VERSATILE rap artist eva.. Just my opinion.. Thank you nkglare36. KLUSTERFUK, i am too.. jus luv music

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    not sure how i feel about it yet. For some reason Kaliko's voice sounds too deep like he's burping his verse. The mashup sounds great, but i dont think this is gonna be a replay song for me. Its just too heavy into the rock sound for me to really get into.

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    Love it. Absolutely beautiful track. I was very hesitant about how this was going to turn out but it was beyond what I expected.

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    same here , didn't know what to expect but its ill

    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Cold

    Love it. Absolutely beautiful track. I was very hesitant about how this was going to turn out but it was beyond what I expected.

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    I'm sure everyone is gonna have a problem with this but krizz's voice sounds deeper than how he usually does it and I'm not big on it. The full chorus sounds like I've heard it before aside from the lyrics of course when they yell "war". The lyrics in the chorus sound corny, the yelling of the word war is cool but doesn't fit. And techs verse sounds repetitive. This song is not for me but ill definitely keep waiting because I know they will do some good shit with dirty wormz. Little pills was off the hook. I'm not saying anyone else should or shouldn't like the song but for me that's how it sounds.

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    Dude I could give a fuck what anybodys says about this song.....its str8 dope!!!! GOES HARD AS FUCK! Props to dirty wormz, tech n kali. Everything i thought kabosh would be and more. Very impressed. Some hardcore shit. Keep it up ya'll!

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    Love kalikos voice on it too! Hell ya Kali

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    I don't think you needed to start a new thread on it. They're is a perfectly good up and running thread on this track already.

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    Like other people, I was skeptical with KABOSH being the most anticipated Strange project ever and the beauty of "Little Pills". When the track started out, I still wasn't sure. I didn't know if it'd be generic rock or what, but once it picks up, I liked it, and then the incredible chorus made me really like it.

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