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Thread: If tech wanted to go mainstream

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    If tech wanted to go mainstream

    Listen to this tell me wut you think. He should guest appear on an Eminem album/video Think about it, Im not saying that this is going to happen, but just look where Eminem is at. Yes I am an Eminem fan and I know alot of non Eminem supporters are going to oppose this and thats fine, but Em has a reputation of signing good artists like himself. Doesnt mean they all are good till the end like 50 cent or Obie Trice who I feel fell off on his second album. He also has the rep of working with great artists. The biggest in history. Such as Dr. Dre, xzibit, snoop, ect... not a wayne fan but waynes pretty big right now and em is working with him now too. He himself is also categorized as pretty much one the biggest if not biggest influences on rap/hiphop and thats where I think Tech should come in. Tech N9ne is like the savior of rap music if you think about it. I was getting so bored with everything before I started listening to tech and strange. Alot of people hate rap or say raps dead but most of them have never even heard tech n9ne. Or if they have heard like an old song of his a while back. I live in RI by the way so there arent as many tech fans everyones sooped on wayne and eminem for rappers here. And it gets really hard to promote him when no1 wants to hear it because they wanna hear there favorite death metal song, or there favorite wayne song because thats more important to them. But i think if Tech got on the radio with some hard shit along side Eminem, people would actually hear the beast. Especially when he blows away the big name collab hes in the video with.

    I hope I didnt loose you

    but ya, what do you think.

    O another idea is he could start a beef with Eminem so Eminem writes a shit load of songs about him like he does with Mariah Carey only he will get blown away.

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    You don't think Tech's been trying to get with Eminem? Tech loves his work and is always praising him. Tried getting him on Everready but couldn't. In interviews he's always talking about how he'd love to have a supergroup with Lynch and Eminem. Tech wants to work with Em on something and that has nothing to do with going "mainstream".

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    i like eminem better than tech...only by a little...and i think that eminem and tech should collab, it'd be so fucking good...two best artists in the game imo...i know it's possible cuz tech collabed with d12 and idk i read somewhere that em and tech were gonna collab but something happened idk and eminem did talking backwards at the end of stimulate (his song) like for tech or something cuz they were gonna collab and something happened.

    it would be literal orgasms in the ear...probably puke from greatness...but i don';t think tech will do it...cuz eminem is too "out there" and then doing something like that would just make tech, technically speaking, a sell-out...cuz that's what eminem pretty much has it'd have to be a song way to bad for radio (which they both do a lot) and em will prob have to go on tech's album as opposed to tech going on em's simply cuz eminem is too big now unfortunately.

    as for the beef idea ... that would not be good cuz then my two fav rappers would be beefing and they would never collab and plus it'd be way to much publicity imo

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    Well, Tech and Em have collaborated before. Look up "The Wake Up Show" with King Tech and Em, and that's where Xzibit and other rappers have collaborated too.

    I personally believe this would be great, in part for more exposure for Tech N9ne and even Strange Music/Rappers.
    I think Tech N9ne hasn't gone mainstream. Just cause he's making independent money, and doing his thing, doesn't mean he's a sellout. A sellout would be Three 6 Mafia, which HAVE been for quite a while, but no dis-respect against 3 6, I give them credit, they were underground for a LOONG time. If you haven't noticed, ever since "Demons", I know quite a lot of people that now listen to Tech N9ne, which never even knew who he was before. I mean, Tech does want to collab with many 'big" rappers like Jay-Z, and Ludacris, but it's fucked up because they be taxing so fucking much just for a verse, or they just don't want to.

    All I got to say, is the mainstream (radio) industry is corrupted. Rappers these days are getting cut so much slack, and they suck. Tech's a fucking veteran, and deserves way much more. Soulja Boy is a joke. DJ Khaled is a joke. Rick Ross is a joke (ex prison guard). Where's the credit for Nas, KRS-one, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, Joe Budden, etc? These rappers are just a few.

    Who knows if you people agree with me, but I'm just giving in my two cents.

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    Tech N9ne collaborating with Eminem would be no means make him a sell out. Eminem is still somebody who'll merk you on your own track. I know recently he's been inconsistent but Eminem is still one of the best when he's on.

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    Yeah Em still be ripping the tracks up. HE kills it on other rappers songs. Like "Drop the World", if it wasn't for Eminem, the song would suck. Yeah, recently, he's been inconsistent, but he's still one of the best rappers out there, especially for getting so much air time.

    Quote Originally Posted by voice of reason
    Tech N9ne collaborating with Eminem would be no means make him a sell out. Eminem is still somebody who'll merk you on your own track. I know recently he's been inconsistent but Eminem is still one of the best when he's on.

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    dude excelent idea in my opinon...hailing from the midwest even here where tech's from its hard to get people to support a local artist

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    1. Yes, I want a Tech N9ne and Eminem collab
    2. You over-thought this way too much

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    startin a fake beef with eminem to get attention would be selling out. tech aint gonna go down the road 50 cent did

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    Tech won't go mainstream, Mainstream will go Tech

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