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Thread: Don Juan and Vell Bakardy

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    Don Juan and Vell Bakardy

    Listened to K.O.D. like it was my job, but how deep it was got me listening to Tech's original shit like Celcius, Worst, Calm Before the Storm, and alot of Absolute Power. Then I found a dis track by Vell, and heard some other shit with Don Juan. So I really started digging deeper and found that Don Juan is with the company "Mizery" and that it has Tech as #3 on the friends list. Curious I know they still won't do music together, but I didn't expect to see this. Is Don and Tech on speaking terms? Just curious. Thanks

    P.S. Vell ain't doing shit.

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    hell naw they aint on speaking terms....and celsius was a c.d put out by diamond or daymond or sum shit like that not by tech thats y da album is all blue n looks retarded....da fucked up thing is that the album was put out a couple of days b4 absolute power when daymond said that he would release it months and months after AP

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    Vell Bakarii.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiven Desai
    Vell Bakarii.
    Vell Bakardy and Amjad Bakarii are two entirely different people.

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