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    Well we made it through the border with flying colors like i knew we would cause we Strange Music fuck what ya heard, bullshit ain't nothin! So yea we made it across, and all celebrated with a drink of some fine AMERICAN whiskey. Now we are at our first stop of the tour and about to settle in, but first things first. I'ma christen this country proper with a mean American turd!!! LET'S DROP THE BOMB!!!! Any Canadian techn9ians reading this see ya'll in a minute!

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    Hell yah invade Canada and show them what strange is about

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    Strange on Canadian soil been waiting toooooooo long but i'll see ya'll march 20 sold out show baby!

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    video update

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    I'm goin in sold out before i could get mine. But momma didn't raise no fool, im gonna drive down to Kamloops early sunday morning and park my ass on cactus jacks doorstep til they open up and gimme my tix. Either way im goin!! Can't wait its my first time.....ever!

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    Got my tickets like a month ago for march 20.I cant wait to see another tech show its been to long...

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