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Thread: Tell me if u think I cold make it on Strange

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    Tell me if u think I cold make it on Strange

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    <div id="note_347203988879" ="note clearfix wide_note">D. Boi by B-Boi

    Today at 3:06am 10,1340794842,'D. Boi by B-Boi','/note.php?note_id=347203988879', 0);

    Intro: This 1's dedicated to ma niggahs who're strugglin with money. ya feel? well....lets do dis..

    Chorus:Ima D. Boi. I hustle theses streets, yet no body understands me.
    Ima D. Boi. I gotta get mine, befo them feds surely find, that im outta
    my mind. D. Boi...yeah gotta get my money, so I can at least keep my
    baby. D. Boi. My bois gotta git, we needs to git wit it

    Verse 1:I struggle buh Ima git ma foot in da door, bang it with Strange
    till it opens some more, take the industry and slam em through the
    floor. Ill rearrange they shit, dont matter if they bitch...and moan at
    me, cause Im straight up G, my life's gittin better Strangely, buh this
    constant struggle is angering, the struggle of money, and why it's
    pinned me and my baby...up in a corner surrounded by snakes, and Im
    fucked with each step I take, cause the industry raises the stakes, and I
    think Im bout to break, and bust y'all niggahs who're fuckin fake. Yall
    fakin, and hate that Im steppin...into the lime light, ya jeffers betta
    gitcho minds right, before I start to fight...back, without rap, and
    trust me ya dont want that, so keep back, and duck like Im whack. Like a
    psych, juss like Im Michael. cuz ya cant run or hide, cause Ima muh
    fukkin D. Boi for life.


    Verse 2:Ima try and paint it as clears as I can, I got ta hustle man,
    otherwise Im food to Killa Clown
    Land, so I took a stand Ima stomp u thru the floor, for
    support-in the industry u whore, in fact Ill give it to ya more...just
    for the dark shit ya make me go thru, which only makes me wanna split ya
    in two, which is why I finna stomp u. Y'all labelin me heartless, wanna
    make me the Prince Of Darkness? well fuck yall cause Ima D. Boi, thats
    why Im good at causin noise. And startin a riot at a show, thats why I
    freak and attack a hoe, smack her with ma dick fo sho, and then I hop up
    to do ma show, and shes all over da flow? what the fuck is up with
    that?She wanted me back, juss cause I can rap? Fuck you bitch, u juss
    want a rapper's dick, ya aint even gone git it, from me D. Boi, B-Boi
    the King Of Sicc.


    Outro: I hope y'all see Life Aint Peaches&amp;Cream comin soon to a IPod
    near u lol...201

    <div id="note_342324953879" ="note clearfix wide_note">

    <div id="note_335857363879" ="note clearfix wide_note">Concealed Weapon by B-Boi Brandkamp

    Monday, March 1, 2010 at 7:05pm | Edit | 10,1340794842,'Concealed Weapon by B-Boi

    Chorus: Cop:What's that on yo hip? Me: It's a .450 u fat piece of shyt. Cop: Now boi u gonna have to give it to me. Me: Naw bitch u look
    too much like Rosey Cop: Yo we gotta code thirteen Me: Bring da whole
    force cause Im locked, loaded and ready.(X2)

    Verse 1: Bang, bang and niggah Im gone, cause dang, dang Im like Al
    Capone, cause bang, bang there goes my Tech Chrome, fang, fang of a .450
    is invadin yo home. Puttin B-Boi up on da market, cause Im dont bein
    no1's target, I want no1 to farget, Brendan as he charges it. Tech
    Chrome sparks, invade 20 hearts, cauz Im really heart-less, Ill take a
    life into my dark-ness, cause my bullet penetration is the sharp-est, so
    now I welcome u to the Mid-West. Home of Killa Clowns and Strange
    Music, deuce click, and my Lou of Caribou siff, guaranteed that if ya
    party here u'll lose it, cause Vodka and Mountain Dew is the new shyt.
    Imma muh fukkin genius, that's how I git women on my penis, cause women
    love Strange Pleasin, and gittin on there knees and...well ya git it,
    buh u aint wit it, thats why yo girl's lovin my dick naw
    niggy, it's the insanity,in fact its fuckin drainin me.


    Verse 2: .450, blow! Straight to ya head, that's shytty, pow! anotha 1
    dead, damn I guess Im fucked up without meds, buh thats also why I have 5
    different beds. Bodies are piled up everywhere u walk, ya juss dont
    know bout em till yah hear niggahs talk, and fibb and say dey saw da
    chalk...when they aint seen nothin, buh they sure can tell the cops
    somethin, so they pull me in, and then, I gotta cap niggahs down they
    heads into they colons. Dayum why question a leader, cuz it only makes
    my job weirder. My job is to kill snitches, and those who confess like
    lil bitches, I do it in homes and restaurant kitchens, so dont even try
    to even start bitchin. It's my job u lil fuckin pricks, so why dont u
    back off and go suck those lil dicks, cause ya aint findin them on me
    the King Of Sicc, B-Boi Brandkamp and Im on sum new shyt.


    <div id="note_330529498879" ="note clearfix wide_note">Strange Music by B-Boi

    Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 8:38am 10,1340794842,'Strange Music by B-Boi','/note.php?note_id=330529498879',

    Intro: This 1's for all ma niggahs down there at Strange...who're hopefully takin the Lyrical Miracle in with a new name, B-Boi and ya
    know I be fuckin up da game hahaha

    Chorus: Now step to B-Boi u step to Tech, and ya dont wanna show that
    niggah disrespect, Big Scoob will bust ya and infect, ya mind like Krizz
    who'd inspect, ya ladies Vag. and inflect, pain as Im pussy detect-in,
    nobody's messin, with me or the niggahs up at Strange Music...if ya
    do..ya finna git a lesson.

    Verse 1: Strange Music niggah back in dis bitch,Strange Music niggah
    gittin yo girls clit, yup B-Boi gits in and tears it,B-Boi slaps her
    with his dick,and then he rams her into doin the splits,shit niggah Im
    da siccest, baddest, muhfukka u ever met, thats why yo girl's gittin he
    mouth wet, she licks her lips and shakes her hips twice for the
    Mid-west,she twerkin like an angel and may be the best, cant wait to git
    her home and show her real sex, cuz I cum in pussy not on da chest, buh
    I bang it out in a bulletproof vest, cause every1 thinx they can, buh they cant best insanity, buh I best the industry. I puh my
    foot in da door, and grab the industry and stomp em thru the floor,
    they rejected me and now beg for more, all I can do is show em humor, by
    bringin up da past like they did and sayin "Fukk u whore,"cause now ya
    know I git more money than Julia Roberts and Bill Moore. Both pimps who
    made me step into the lime-light, thanx to my homiez I got my mind
    right, it was one hella life fight..a life struggle for me, kept up till
    I found R.A.P. and got into bein R.A.P.E.D. and now I can rep that
    R.D.V. in peace while kickin it with ma niggah Infamous C


    Verse 2: Ya think ya can burn on this fire? Well muh fukka try what u
    desire, ya cant stop me cause Im higher, on da ranks thats why Imma
    flyer, and ur juss a lier,actin like u fly so high when ur only in da
    church choir. Fuck U Niggahs is all I gotta say, like Jared Lawson I
    wanna Break Away, cause im tired of all da non-supporters in da K, they
    wanna try and hold me at bay, buh to attempt they gotta pay, cause Aye
    Bay Bay...Imma kill y'all haters, and dedicate dis to all players and to
    all the True Rhyme Sayers. Strange Music is da shyt, Strange Music made
    me wanna spit, Strange Music made me sicc, and Strange Music got yo
    girl on my dick bitch


    Outro: hahaha! yea niggahs whatcha gone do now? Cause ya cant puh
    Strange Music niggahs down

    True Lyricist "Lyrical Miracle" by B-Boi Brandkamp

    Friday, February 26, 2010 at 7:00am10,1340794842,'True Lyricist \x22Lyrical Miracle\x22 by B-Boi

    Intro: Hahaha I laugh at y'all who complain bout my shyt, the thing is, I warned y'all before I started my lyrics, now ya get to play with
    the True Lyricist.

    Chorus: I work on 1 album after another, and consider almost any rapper a
    brother, buh I aint got buh 1 true mother. My lyrics, they keep me goin
    and shyt, they are what keeps up my spit, why I never sit, and why Im
    the siccest, baddest, muh fukka ya ever met, now let the Lyrical Miracle
    getcha mind wet.

    Verse 1: I laugh at y'all who tryin to throw my lyrics at the wall, and
    that's why y'all lyin to keep me above y'all. aahahaha I dont stay below
    ya,and Ill never follow ya. I am the Lyracist so ya know ya like my
    shyt, ya know my lyrics are legit and the siccest, thats why no1 can
    stress my madness and cause me sadness, buh thats why Im the
    baddest...muh fukka ya ever gone meet, a hustla with twisted ass beatz,
    and that's why no1 can git me heat-ed cept y'all in SPED cause y'all can
    only git retards in bed, and trik bitches into givin head.The Lyricist
    may be meana, buh he's betta with his Baby Delina, dont matta how much
    ur cleana, cuz ya aint shyt when ya see my dimeana, cause it with a
    Desert Eagle and Aqua Fina, just like rllin with Tech Nina. True
    Lyricist equals pimp, it also means I have an evil limp, it describes
    how u is a shrimp, compared to me u is just a blimp. Pop if I shoot ya,
    thats y Imma boot ya


    Verse 2:Im feelin low and worse than shyt, and all y'all do is hate on
    ma lyrics, u say they too hardkore or that I cant spit, buh then why on
    the weekends do I split? ANd head to the booths, to record me and nuffin
    buh the truth,well fuck u cause Im gittin to holla "SALUE!" as I
    salute..the R.D.V. flag of the nation,and R.A.P. rags in exasperation,
    bein R.A.P.E.D. is fun without exaggeration. I love women who're freaky,
    and I love it when they bring out the fillin in me, as a Lyricist I am
    Girl Crazy, buh also as a True Lyricist Im kinda shady, infact ppl think
    Im contemplat-in,so they keep hat-in, cause they know I be kickin it up
    with Sat-an, and my inevitable fame will never be fad-in. I stay
    constantly dirty, yup ya heard me, a Tech reference cause Im feelin
    kinda flirty. cause Im that flirt, who's up in yo girl's skirt, while ur
    at work, cause she got me hard by the way she jerks, twerks, and
    especially that sexyass smirk,now watch the True Lyricist as he reps
    Strange on his muh fukkin shirt.


    Outro: HAHAHAHA! NIGGAHS! Yea...all y'all who are complain to parents,
    to teachers, it's only lyrics! Getcha life sorted out, u think Im worse
    then the otha muh fukkas out there? then why ya snitchin? Fuck y'all
    who're snitchin

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    ight brah thanx for the support Ill keep writin, Ill check yo shit out, aye yo u in KC?

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