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Thread: Uno and SC present A Strange Revolt

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    Uno and SC present A Strange Revolt


    Whats up guys Im a marketing manager for Revolution ENT. Uno &amp; SC just dropped A strange Revolt. This Album Is some of the hottest shit Ive heard. They got a marketing deal With Todd Mc Faline the creator of the spawn comic books and the Spawn movie. His artist Gonzo drew up all the artwork for the album. The album features country star Hoss Howard and one half of the J- Villians Chuck D.. Go to and check it out and pick up the album. Anybody wants to get a feature or do some work with us contact me at We officially dropped our first video today for the single Can't Be Human. Heres the vid.

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    Aye, i gotta show much love for this album. Got it at the Carl Casper show in Louisville Ky, last month. REal talk. Keep doin ya thing.

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