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Thread: Halo Reach Multiplayer Beta

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    Halo Reach Multiplayer Beta

    Has any1 seen the trailer for the new Halo multiplayer for Halo Reach? It looks so intense!! Now u can ride Jet packs, there are a ton of new weapons and game types, and Now they have a dodge and roll feature + more melee combat options. This games looks like its gonna blow the fuck up,

    And thoughts?

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    It better be good. I don't even buy Halo games anymore, they're so easy and boring.

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    it looks pretty legit. since i wasted $60 on ODST, maybe this will make it worth it.

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    this looks so good, back when halo 3 came out i wasnt even that hyped for it, i just bought it bc it was halo nd every body would be playin it, i like 2 better, but this game looks amazing

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