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Thread: The Serial Killaz?

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    The Serial Killaz?

    Last month, a new track called "Body Bags," featuring Cypress Hill frontman B-Real, Xzibit and rising rapper Young De hit the web. The collaboration wasn't just for one of the MCs' project, it is part of a group effort between the trio called the Serial Killaz.

    Never heard young de but x and b-real could be sick together...

    Thrown off by the name though

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    smonke n mirrors is a sik ass cd by b-real

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    yound de is dope i found his cd on ebay form japan called audio hustlers dude can rap and sing peep his song patron its dope

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    young de was on a few tracks on smoke n mirrors im pretty sure. breals like his mentor and shit lol

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    Damn that sounds tight. B Real is the shit. Never heard of Young De though.

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    Sounds Cool to Me. I'm a B-Real Fan.

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    I just went and bumped it. I love that track!

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