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Thread: your tech n9ne fantasy album....

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    your tech n9ne fantasy album....

    if you could put any tech n9ne songs on one album what songs would you put it on it?? how many songs and what is the tracklist?? this is just for fun.....

    tech n9ne

    album title: king of kansas city



    2.riot maker

    3.midwest choppers


    5.bout ta bubble nose

    7.the beast


    9.welcome to the midwest

    10.girl crazy world intro world

    13.come gangsta

    14.physco messages

    15.physco bitch

    16.physco bitch 2

    17.this ring

    18.everybody move good time

    20.happy ending

    21.blacken the sun

    22.strange music box

    23.midwest choppers 2


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    damn thats almost exactly what i woulda put. almost.

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    Tech Did it for me, It's called K.O.D.

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    Mine is the same as above.

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    Title: The Killa Clown
    1. Stamina
    2. Midwest Choppers
    3. Demons
    4. My Word intro
    5. My World
    6. Blackened The Sun
    7. Tormented
    8. Real Killer
    9. Industry Is Punks
    10. Absolute Power
    11. Get Blowed
    12. Cloudy Eyed Stoll
    13. Red Nose
    14. This Ring
    15. Girl Crazy
    16. My Wife, My Girl, My Bitch
    17. Psycho Bitch 1
    18. Killing You
    19. Low
    20. P.A.S.E.O.
    21. K.O.D.
    22. Last Words

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    Gotta have riotmaker on it

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