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Thread: New Brotha Lynch Hung interview on Youtube

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    New Brotha Lynch Hung interview on Youtube

    new Lynch interview on the Giant and Elephant Radio Show....checc it out!!!!!!!!!!

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    yeah link this shit

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    Didnt sum1 post this already? or was it ona different site? lol

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    Damn! Ude think the interview was wit her! She hardly let Lynch was like he had to rush wut he was sayin so she could get back to about herself..& did she say she already got or heard a track off his next album? Did I hear that rite? Lol!! She said you gonna bite me!...Lynch was thinkin FUCK NO!!! Not even if I was starvin!!! Lol

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    This is a internet radio station.

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    That was cool.

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    It would have been cooler if it was an actual radio station. But the stations here would never play anything by Strange music

    Quote Originally Posted by Shiven Desai
    That was cool.

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    Sup ppl

    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler
    yeah link this shit

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