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Thread: Krizz Kaliko exclusive track just added to soundtrack for The Musick

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    Krizz Kaliko exclusive track just added to soundtrack for The Musick

    So I guess they hit up Krizz Kaliko on his tour and got him to do an exclusive track for the soundtrack. I was already hyped for this movie but having Kali on the soundtrack only makes it that much more dope. I know they are trying to get Tech to play the Soundsick Festival so maybe this means that we can hope for a Krizz Kaliko set as will.....that would be fucking sick. Anyway if you want to peep the video here is the link....

    Also they have a street team that they are seting up and if you join you get your name in the credits of the movie, get free promo, and will have the chance to get exclusive copys of the movie and soundtrack signed by the if you want to join just shoot an email over to and give them you name, address, and tell them how you heard of the movie and you will be automaticaly signed up for the team.

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    Damn that's tight about Krizz. The movie is going to be the shit. The song When I Die that LA did for it is the shit.

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