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Thread: what is the deepest rap song(s) you ever heard?

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    what is the deepest rap song(s) you ever heard?

    I would have to say Q-ball/Liqour Sicc by brotha lynch hung!! This song was off his s.o.t.s. album and was dedicated to his cousin q-ball who was killed in a drive-by shooting at c-bo's video shoot!! If lynch was mainstream, he'd prolly win a grammy for this shit!!!!!! powerful and emotional song

    also i would have to say the song p. diddy (even though i cant stand this nigga) did with faith evans in a tribute to Notorious big when he passed away! i cant remember the name of the song but it was on rush hour 2!!

    honorable mentions: t.i. -dead and gone, no matter what
    tech n9ne-come gangster, the rain
    master p.-things aint what they use to be, no more tears
    e-40-that's just the way it is
    Brotha Lynch-meat, papers, deep down
    eminem-stan, the way i am, lose yourself, 8 mile, rocca by baby
    2 pac-no more pain
    bone thugs n harmony-crossroad

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    yeah, i forgot about that 2 pac song...good shit!!!

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    Tech N9ne-Low.

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    tech n9ne-this ring 4 sure

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    I'm on a boat.

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    okay from the songs you are posting i dont think you know what the word deep means...
    come gangsta? thats not deep, thats gangsta.
    the way i am, lose yourself.. not deep, the crossroads, not really deep...
    the other ones you posted.. i havent heard so i wont judge those.

    deep songs:

    suicide letters, one good time, letter to my kids (kutt calhoun), beautiful (eminem), ill name a bunch more if your looking for some good ones.

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