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Thread: can lynch and tech co-exist

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    can lynch and tech co-exist

    I know tech n9ne is the face of strange music because its his record label but do u think him and lynch can stay on the same page together? i been listening to lynch for 15 years now and he's been the face of every record label rather its black market or madesicc!! Now he's like second place; when people talk about strange music they always perfer it as "Tech 9 and Strange Music!" They are both superstars, kinda like Peyton manning and Tom brady both being on the same team! on top of that, one's a crip and the other is a blood! I know they are cool now, but do yall think it will become a competition where one tries to outshine the other! Perhaps causing lynch to depart strange...

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    I think if they try to outshine eachother it would be better because it would bring the best out of both of them. shouldnt be ANY problems. I think lynch is gunna love being part of strange

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    thers not gonna be problems. at the chico K.O.D. tour show when lynch came out, he kept yelling "i'm strange music now!" like every minute. he wants to be here.

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    Competition is a good thing in most cases.Neither of them seem to have that "theres only room for one of us" attitude.At the end of the day its all about business and being that both are veterans in the game I think they both fully understand what it takes to keep relevant and stay afloat within the music business.If Lynch ever does depart from S.M. I believe it will be on good terms.

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    It should bring out the best in both, there is room for all to shine.

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    Lynch could not be happier being with Strange.

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    link please

    Quote Originally Posted by Dirty 530
    Lynch could not be happier being with Strange.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dukecityspecialist
    link please
    Quote Originally Posted by Dirty 530
    Lynch could not be happier being with Strange.

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    I don't see any problems cuz Tech N9ne has always been a dude who tries to outshine others, he doesn't even look at it as tryin, he knows in his mind he's better. & it's human nature to try & outshine others, noone wants to be second place. The only person I've ever heard say I'm ok being second in command is Tony Yayo. & honestly, he's a bitch for that imo lol. But Tech's always been a guy who thinks he's better than you, he definitely has a God complex about him which was cool for him to do that song cuz he truly feels he's the greatest. I personally think it's cool, it's not really cockiness, more confidence imo. & I think Brotha Lynch is the same in a lot of ways, very confident in himself & doesn't take shit personally.

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