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Thread: Great interview

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    Great interview

    I dont know if this has been posted because its to hard to find anything here, but make sure u click on the text that says Tech N9ne interview Windows Media Player

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    theirs no tag bro

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    this koo.. havent heard this... dam wat ever happen to the song with btnh???? havent heard nun bou it... wanna get a chance to c btnh n tech sumtime...

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    A lot of Tech N9ne fans need to hear this interview. Cuz when he said everyone says you need to stay underground & Tech said those are my idiot fans, they need to understand that I belong to everyone, not just you. Cuz quite a few of his fans feel like oh if you ain't been down wit Tech since day one, you ain't no real Tech N9ne fan. WTF are you talkin about lol

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    i was excited...then i is making big noise wit

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    After listenin to the interview I felt like listenin to Riot Maker lol. & on youtube I saw this comment & it cracked me up

    lol what the fuck is the word technyne
    some people call? him that but he was shot with a tech dc-9 and thats where he got his name

    LOL, if Tech N9ne got shot up by a Tec-9 he'd be dead. Those are deadly, I mean, their's a chance to survive but most likely no...just no

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