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    My credit card is in my dads name and i want to buy the vip pass but if i order it on his card i know he will have to go pick the ticket up but can i use it with his name on it.

    Because when i was about to order it it didn't have anything that says who are you ordering this for.

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    I bought mine with another persons credit card and all you have to do is give them a reference name, but this was is australia so im not 100% sure for u bro

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    i sent them a email and they said u have to have a note from the person whos name u bought the vip in saying that u have tpermision to pick up the vip pass and who it was bought for.

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    Your father will need to write a letter stating who purchased the package, who it was purchased for and that person has permission to pick up the VIP passes. You will need the letter from your father and your photo ID to pick up the passes at the meet and greet.

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