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Thread: Tech N9ne shirt at Hot Topic

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    Tech N9ne shirt at Hot Topic

    I went to South Bend, Indiana earlier to pick up my friend for the ABK show tonight and we stopped at a mall in South Bend. We went to Hot Topic and the lady saw me wearing all Strange merch and said they had a Tech shirt to buy. I saw it and was like wtf, and bought it. I bought a 2XL and it was 17 dollars. It says Tech N9ne on the front like 4 times and the strange symbol and the back has a Strange symbol and says Strange Music. So I'm thinkin maybe more Tech shirts might get sold there and also that it's good he's gettin bigger.

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    Not gonna lie that shirt is fuckin dope. Im gonna have to see if they have one at the one by me.

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    that shirt is hella sick

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    ive been waiting forever for tech to hit hot topic, i dont get how they had didnt have his merch along time ago

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    Damn it. Now I have to go into that stupid store.

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    i went to a hot topic a back n i was in there for a few mins n then all of a sudden the song sickology 101 came on. all the workers ended up likin it 2

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    Yeah that's the shirt. Thanks for puttin the picture up. The lady said it came out 4 days ago to certain Hot Topic stores. Didn't want Technicians to think I was lying about a Tech shirt there.

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    that shirts tight

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    What are the chances ya think of a NY Hot Topic havin' one of these? I'm going with slim to none.

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