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    I use, freakin awesome site. Anyways, for anyone that makes their own ringtones, what ya got? What Tech songs you got? I just got a new phone so Im makin some new ones, so far I got the hooks off K.O.D., Leave me Alone & Low.

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    Too many. Over 100 for sure. Any song from Strange I can make into a ringtone. Also any part of the song.

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    A ton. I use garageband them import em onto my iphone

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    I use ringdroid I have yet to do some tech ringtones,only ones I got are crooked I and outkast I'm slippin I need to make some more

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    yeah i use too.I got a new phone and I've only made like two tones. Neither strange. One is a ringtone for exes (lily allen- smile) and the other is a ringtone i made for a manfriend who is no longer a manfriend, so now its my general tone (summer rain- carl thomas)

    I'll be making one for red nose and killing you, most likely.

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    i have some of mlk

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    Sharetones and i have, BLH, Tech, Kutt, Mac Dre, and others.

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    Made some more Tech:

    3rd verse of Trapped in a psychos Body
    Slacker hook
    Cursed hook
    3rd verse on Twisted
    1st verse on This Ring
    Suicide Letters hook
    middle of 1st verse on Its Alive
    Breathe hook
    Tech's verse on Midwest Choppers 2
    2nd verse on Red Nose

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    yeah i use that site too. i got demons, FUN, in the air, Low, blackened the sun, hunterish, and best i ever had. need to make some new ones. haven't in a long time.

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