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Thread: Tech N9ne Music Video Ideas

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    Tech N9ne Music Video Ideas

    ight if tech could make a music video of any song he hasnt made a video of yet, what song would you want him to do? personally id like to see any song have a vid to it but id like to see a midwest choppers or that box vid. i know those would be dope....what do yall think?

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    Senior Member JJ diaz's Avatar
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    one good time(he had said he was gon shoot a vid for it but it never happend), cant shake it ,n demons

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    Riotmaker, Caribou Lou (but i think Salue kinda took the idea), Its Alive, and The Beast

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    Come Gangsta will the full orchestra, like he said he always wanted to do.

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    strange music box, i even had this great idea for it

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    The Rain
    The Martini
    T9X (I'm sure they could think up some really creative ideas for this one)

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    Midwest Choppers, Einstein, and Psycho Bitch.

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    Suicide Letters or trapped in a psychos body could be some krazy ass vids

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    I think he should wear face paint for a whole video.

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