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Thread: If you live in KC

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    If you live in KC

    Then this news would only be relevant to you. But Tech N9ne will be on Fox 4 news tonight. So if you dont live in KC then sorry this may not be what you want to see. LolAnyways, I dont know what hes gunna be doing on there but Guess we'll see. Its at 5 oclock and im sure again at 10 but tune in and find out

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    should recored it for us other that dontlive in im in ohio.try if you can.thanks

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    Hopefully someone can put it on youtube.

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    The news station should have a website that will stream it

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    It was about a 15 minute story. Just talked about his career. How hes gettin bigger. How hes gotten where he is. How hes staying true to himself and trying to open doors for other Kansas city artists. But it should be on Again at 9 Oclock. The website should stream it. Fox 4 news in kansas city

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    this was the first time in a long time Fox 4 has actually done a good job on a story about Tech. coincidentally enough it wasn't reported on by Jason Whitlock (thank god)! but well done!

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    Thanks for posting that, I missed it.

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    ive never seen his name misspelled as Tech9ne before.

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    lol I didn't even notice that! At least the story was good

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole Payan [AVCP333
    ]ive never seen his name misspelled as Tech9ne before.

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