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Thread: ""WONDER???""

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    <p align="center">i always kinda wondered... what it would be like if tech were mainstream...[/p]
    <p align="center">... i wonder what him n his music would be like...[/p]
    <p align="center">my opinion is... tech is good underground with STRANGE MUSIC :P[/p]

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    Mainstream is going Tech.

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    Quote Originally Posted by F.T.I.
    Mainstream is going Tech.

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    well,i feel that tech is always going to be who he is,he kept his the same all this time...but you know,he might be featured on some mainstream artist's song but i think he will still do tech

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    areola 816 boys is what he would sond like mainstream in my opinion

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    yes!!! i love the way u put that. now the mainstream is comin to try to sign tech. Tech just wants his music to be heard. he will always be with strange but i see tech and strange music blowing the fuck up in the next couple years. signing brother lynch and big scoob are some really big things!!! and the biggest thing comin now is KABOSH!!! cant fucking wait!!! TECHN9NE!

    Quote Originally Posted by F.T.I.
    Mainstream is going Tech.

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