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Thread: Needing help on a Tattoo

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    Needing help on a Tattoo

    So ya i want to get the barcode cross on the back of my calf but ive taken it to a tattoo artist and they said the lines are too thin and difficult to do or they would fade easily so i was wondering if anyone who is good in photoshop could help me out and design me the barcode cross with the same template and make the lines thicker but still have the barcode look to it ya know, so if anyone could help thanks

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    Hoping to not be off topic, but if a tattoo artist cant help you with this concept i wouldnt go to them. Theres many people on here who have the barcode cross and have yet to have problems. I personally dont like it and am getting something else. But to each his own i guess.

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    if i were u id go to another shop until u find one that will do it. Its possible to do, theres not much detail to it, just straight lines are a bitch to tattoo cuz they need to be perfect or else ull see every flaw, that might be why they dont want to do it.

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    yup if they say not to do it it usaully means they cant do it but there not gonna tell u to go somewhere else so they just say oh well make it allittle thicker and it be okay

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    that and if they couldnt draw up that shit u should defiantly go some where else u dont wanna end up with a tattoo like mine

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    lol ya dude no offense but it looks like a 5 year old tattooed that lol

    Quote Originally Posted by richard roy isaacson III
    that and if they couldnt draw up that shit u should defiantly go some where else u dont wanna end up with a tattoo like mine

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    my girl was going around asking for quotes on that barcode tat. got some prices, but yea one dude who's real good n tatted some famouse ppl (vince neil for example) brought up the lines and "fading together" thing. sounds like it's a legitimate issue. for now, she opted not to do it

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    ive seen people that have small barcode crosses that came out just fine just depends on the tattoo artist it doesnt offened me killa i didnt have much control i laid there its how it came out hahaha

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