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Thread: Random Album Ideas

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    Random Album Ideas

    I think it'd be cool if Strange Music released a roster album. Kind of like what Roadrunner Records did a few years ago with the Roadrunner United album. Not like "We Got This '09" or "The Infection '10," but like an entire album of just Strange Music Artists (Strictly Strange - the album?) Yes, I'm sure it'd be easier to just make a mix at home, but I don't know. It could be cool I think. And not just have snippets. Something like: 2 songs per artists and then a few songs where everyone just spits on it (Army of the Pharaohs-esque).
    OR! Instead of Vintage Tech 2, what about Vintage Strange? All the B-Sides and non-released tracks from ALL the artists, not just Tech. I think that'd be cool.

    Just an idea.

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    There was a Strictly Strange 08 cd which came with the VIP package with unreleased songs. It would be cool though.

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