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Thread: Tech N9ne Emenys??

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    Tech N9ne Emenys??

    Does Tech N9ne Have any Emenys in the rap game??

    iV been listenin to him for a minute and iAint hear no1 come across him as wakk or sumthin

    Except some of the ppl iKnow but they aint even made it out there front own city

    Let me know


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    haha iWas in a hurry but thanks
    iRemember Don juan.. Big Scoob??

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    Microsoft>Apple All day all night!

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    Shit thas krazyy iwonder wat happened now hes signed with them lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Cold
    Yeah, he had a spat with Scoob. Go on youtube and check out Kansas City King. He talks about it pretty directly like halfway through it.

    Quote Originally Posted by D.Toure Douglass
    haha iWas in a hurry but thanks
    iRemember Don juan.. Big Scoob??

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    i watched an interview with scoob saying tech left hog for strange thats what caused the problems

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    He had problems with Vell Bakardy and Bakarii from RDV's. They aren't the same person, but he did have problems with both.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Cold
    Emenys? Come on man. You gotta at least do a quick scan over your post just to make sure you dont say stuff like emeny.

    But yeah, hes had problems with a couple people but nothing that turned into a Nas & Jay-Z situation.
    Don Juan, Black Walt, Big Scoob, 57 RDVs, Vell Bakari, Rakim, and Keyshia Cole are the ones I think of off hand. But, like I said, none of them were really beefs. It was more like he dropped a couple lines about negative situations.

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    .....Emenys? Anyway, would whoever he was talking about in Be Right Back count? I dunno.

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    hahaha...this is pathetic for a diss. especially if you're gonna come at somebody with skills like've gotta do better than that G2G.

    Quote Originally Posted by MosesP

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    if you didnt hear the part at the end he one dude says im just bullshittin tech

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