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Thread: Brotha lynch fans

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    Brotha lynch fans

    I havent heard a lot from brotha lynch apart from the features hes done with tech. Ive heard some of his stuff, but what are some good songs?

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    just go look up his old stuff, DAAM is just his newest albulm comming, he also came out with a mixtape in 2009

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    Season of da Siccness the whole album. i grew up in cali so call me a nut hugger if you want but i;ve been listening to lynch since waaay back

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    Season & Lynch By Inch my two fav lynch albums

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    Quote Originally Posted by suburbannoizefan
    Season & Lynch By Inch my two fav lynch albums

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    Suicide Note Was My Favorite. Made me sick.

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    Season of da Siccness-The greatest underground horrorcore album of all time..period!!
    24 deep
    Loaded-another ic
    Lynch by Inch-deep album
    The ripgut collection-more of a greatest hits album, but there's a song called "Goodnight" on there where lynch is at his absolute best!!!
    Brotha lynch hung & C-bo-Blocc Movement
    Brotha lynch hung & Mc Eiht- The new season
    its alot more but u have to find that shit for ya self bro

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