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Thread: What Tech songs would you like the DJ to Play!?

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    What Tech songs would you like the DJ to Play!?

    Alright,well i was just wondering what songs you'd like to hear a DJ mixing/playing/scratching at a party?dont you wish the Dj will throw in some Tech?hahaim for sure going to get the Tech N9ne vinyl records from the Strange store.and yeah i will be DJing and showing love to Strange Music at parties/ post what you would like to hear a DJ playing,or what you consider a party song.thanks!

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    im my music like i died or planet rock 2k

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    sounds good to me,i wanna play some Krizz Kaliko Doe Doe aswell.

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    Caribou lou, bout ta bubble, Party n bullshit, aereola, like yeah

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    Senior Member ShivenDesai's Avatar
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    Happy Birthday and Salue too.

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    Senior Member JJ diaz's Avatar
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    everybody move, bunk rock bitch, red nose, doe doe, so high

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    thanks for the feedback,ill be adding all of this to the list! will be looking for some accapellas and instrumentals to,so i can do a proppa mixz

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    It's What You Thinkin, Planet Rock 2k (Down South Mix), Gangsta Shap, Let Me In, I'm a Playa.

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    Besides what was already mentioned, I would say Victory and Here Comes Tecca Nina.

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    thanks for the replies..i should make a list on the first post =p

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