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Thread: Why does Tech have some of the dumbest fans ever?

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    Why does Tech have some of the dumbest fans ever?

    Ok, so I'm on FaceBook right....and Tech (Or who ever runs his FaceBook) posted something new on there. Well, it goes from being a post about that people arguing back and forth about who Tech is better then. First it's 50 Cent, then it's Wayne. Now, it's on Eminem. Why must people argue about the most stupid shit....on the internet....and while this is all happening, the person who runs the Tech FaceBook has to see all these goddamn notification things pop up and all it is, is some dumb ass people saying how awesome Tech is, and how lame every other artist in the world is. I know lotta people on here have way more variety in music other than just Tech...but why do some other fans have it in their brain that if you listen to Tech, you can't think any one else is good...cause you are fixated on FTI. Sorry for ranting....I'm a little drunk Lol

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    I fully get what ya saying! I hate it when he posts a random comment about say..... "having a great show somewhere, then the next 50 fucking comments are When are ya coming to............. or come back to................ blah blah fucking blah! oops i'm rambling too hahahahahahahaha

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    the most fucked up shit is that tech n9ne is all about collabos and is a hiphop fan who be feeling pretty much everything and got love for almost everyone in the bizz

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    Damn good post for being drunk. I wouldnt say hes the best rapper in the world because I dont think you can really compare any MC. but I guess if you wanna say whos best at what they do aint no doubt tech is on top. But I have a much wider variety in my music than just tech

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    I agree with what your saying.. but i see it as a good thing.. as dumb as some of his fans might be..
    They are so fucken loyal.. and that is power...
    I cant imagine kanye's fans arguing for hours for him.. they just like anything thats getting loads of radio play..
    Tech is one of a kind.

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    yea! cause die antwoord is the best! faggots!!!

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    Tech fans are stupid, most Juggalos are stupid, people are stupid in general. THe majority of fans for any artist are complete idiots. XD

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    I blame the fact that a majority of people smoke

    Quote Originally Posted by Juggalo Jim

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    by far the dumbest fans. but tech's fans are a close 2nd

    Quote Originally Posted by Juggalo Jim

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