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Thread: GOOD JOB...

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    GOOD JOB...

    Ya no back in the day when i first heard season of the sicc and when i first heard questions I never would of guessed that these two would of made it this far. Im so glad that real mutha fuccaz can stay real to there fans and not fall off the the radio bullshit...autotune....dancing snapping there fingers shit that i gotta deal with everyday. Nobody can fuck with tech, im sorry but they cant. most people get worse as the albums come out, this dude gets better. Now lynch is on strange, Its a wrap. Im tellin u put tech, lynch and em on the same track all talkin about rip gut, bloody shit..ooooo i get goose bumbs even thinking bout it.

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    Aint chu a famous country singer or somthing?

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    i havent heard em do his real talented horrorcore shit since i was like 12 or some shit

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    We'll get to see it on Dinner and a movie for sure.

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    I get his new shit is different but he still kills it. When yr on drugs forever then u kick it yr whole state of mind changes. We all got our own opinion but em absolutely kills it on "stay wide awake" and " buffalo bill". But my whole point was that all he talks about now is killing girls....fits right in with lynch and tech.

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