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Thread: Alice in Wonderland

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    Alice in Wonderland

    Ive seen some of da trailers n it looks like a crazy ass movie to watch while high.

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    for sure

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    or trippin...who0

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    yups we shud go watch it like tha.. i wana see it!!!!!!

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    I know man!! it would be crazy!

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    damn, my girl has known about this movie for three years! before they even knew who was acting in it and she's been stoked! a month left to go!!! hella!!!

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    also... for those who dont know...

    this movie is a sequel to the first movie in a way... the movie is more based on the book (through the looking glass) instead of the old disney movie. BUT they decided to go with alot of the features in the disney movie for better recognition as a whole...

    i think this movie is going to be the shit

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    I agree with this!

    Quote Originally Posted by The Sexorcist :P
    or trippin...who0

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