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Thread: do you think???

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    Senior Member TwiztidNorm's Avatar
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    Apr 2009

    do you think???

    do you think that all the noobs that have been on here lately have found this website because of the song demons when he announces TRTN and the siccness at the end?

    i think its a big factor? what about you?

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    Senior Member JuggaloJim's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Probably but I've known about the site for a while I just didn't have a way to access it till now
    and sorry for not having known forum policy b4 hand

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    ahahah yeah most likely all there favourit songs are from the K.O.D Album

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    Senior Member metal2death's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    yeah dude i think we all know whos kept it real for a while here on the strange board.

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    Senior Member Siikez's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    no, i think the big factor was when tech told people on myspace to join.

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    Senior Member ₡₱♛'s Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    a lot of people joined from facebook since they promoted the "ask tech" thread over there

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    who cares

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    ya gotta start somewhere

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    better question:

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    Why is the fan site for the hardest rapper ever, filled with a bunch of little bitches who bicker and argue and act like fuckin internet obsessed nerd fanboy fags?

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