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Thread: Bizarre of D12 working more with Strange Music?

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    Bizarre of D12 working more with Strange Music?

    I seen these updates on Bizzy's twitter:in kc at strange music office with tech 9, and kriss calico. man it cold as hell in kc

    <span>from web

    chillin in KCMO with the techn9ne

    <span>from web

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    bizarre needs to learn how to spell. interesting though. thanks for posting

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    I wouldn't mind another Bizarre/Tech N9ne track, or even another Tech N9ne/D12 track....but what we all want is a Tech N9ne/Eminem track. Imagine Tech N9ne/D12 w/ Eminem. Nice...

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    That's pretty cool.

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    tech,kutt,kalico with d12 and em would be better

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    i think bizarre said tech was gonna be on his new cd in some interview

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    I wonder if it's for the new Collabos album. Wouldn't be surprised.

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    Yup bizzare sucks, king Gordy is way better

    Quote Originally Posted by Jackie
    i can't fucking stand bizarre... If I'd saw him, I'd boot him in the gut... but his fucking belly button would probably eat my foot. Can't stand that fuck.
    the end.

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    Bizzare is dope, I hope his belly swallows both of yalls feet.

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    Hahaha hell yeah!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by aKayRuegawitaTECH9
    Bizzare is dope, I hope his belly swallows both of yalls feet.

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