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Thread: To anybody that thinks Tech is selling out,Because he's on tv

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    To anybody that thinks Tech is selling out,Because he's on tv

    "Nobody said it was gonna be easy, people deceive me and leave me in the dark and buried up in necropolis one day you gonna see me on TV you better believe me,Taking over this in with the opposite"

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    Personally, im proud of that tar baby. Dunno why everyone is trippin so hard. He'll still keep it reeeeeal.

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    DAMN! Good find. I totally forgot about My World. I need to start listenin to Everready again for awhile now lol

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    yes. he got on TV his way, without changing anything. thats fucking the industry right there

    Quote Originally Posted by mrmagyk
    I know Tech is trying to go worldwide and have his music heard by everyone. I can support that. He hasn't changed to do it so I don't think it's selling out. I just want to know if it's still FTI. That was my ? to Tech. I see him on MTV and BET, and I just have to wonder, now they are showing a little love, is it still FTI?

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    he's not selling out, and he never said he would never appear on tv. but how can u expect the best music there is to not be loved by everyone. not as many people have heard of him because he won't pay hundreds of thousands for retard 12 year olds to hear it on the radio. he will make it big but he will never changes. its independence. and for the little kids hatin on it and dont know what independence is... get your parents to help you fuck off.

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    "to float across the ocean, with verbal motion,the notion is boating, im poaking with jealous, muthafuckers embellish but you cant say i aint worthy for fame yuk's n rellish Be jealous when you see me on the tv screen wild'n,Be jealous when you see me in the magazine smiling,Be jealous when they let me in the club for free, nigga be Jealous cuz im bummy with bitches around me"

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    **taking over this and never the opposite

    Im not the one to go around correcting others. But I feel what your sayin is true shit and the corrected lyrics better represents that

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    whatever happens happens EVERYONE KNOWS that no matter what he gunna keep it real....lets just wait it out and need to hate on him its not like he kissin ass to get there ...he busted his ass

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    and technically he aint part of the industry cuz he;s his own label so its still fuck the industry

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