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Thread: Kyle Swindelles aka Gunna XL aka Yew Neek

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    Kyle Swindelles aka Gunna XL aka Yew Neek

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    My Patience is Wasted workin the Day Shift/
    Minimum Wages make Paper Chasing Contageous/
    Crack Payments are Dangerous but worth Police Containment/
    Your Name Bold on the Pagelist of the Courtrooms Arraignments/
    now your Blown up and Famous,Family says you need to Learn your Lesson/
    your Minds Never Resting,now Your Counting your Blessings/
    the Issue is Pressing,Lawyers and Prosectutors Verbally Wrestling/
    you Feel like Betting, cuz to Them it's a Contest/
    your Councils Defending and the D.A's on a Conquest/
    your Head and Palms Sweat,you Look at the Jury and Realize they have All the Power/
    12 Jurors look at you with Fury,and they're All Whiter than Powder/
    Faces all Sour,No Way you can Beat Them/
    you Never Reached them, they're after your Freedom/
    inoculations in Patients From Third World Nations/
    They Shake more than Haitians with a Feeling of Fainting/
    Free Masons and Archdiocese are Secret Societies/
    Privately Hired, By Fallen Angels in Fire to Foresee the Prophecy/
    Hypocrisy Breeds from there Pillars,there Theocracy becomes a Malicious Monopoly/
    Bodies and Property Fall Vicious and Fast,Populations and Economies Fall into There Grasp/
    Power and Privillage Replaces Hope and Wishes,Doubters and Critics are Destroyed by the Mass/
    a Denomic Empire that Spread so Vast has Cast Spells on Souls From Future and Past/
    so Cruel and Crass there Visions Implanted,Civilization Conforms to there Guidelines and Rantings/
    My Scriptures are Pictures of Corridors Filled with Slaughter/
    My Descriptions are Burning Depictions of Horror/
    Sick Visions of Killings Cause Lyrical Technicians to Shiver and Cower/
    My Wisdom and Power Have Entwined in Fusion/
    Contusions and Bruises For any Intrusion/
    Dreams and Illusions get Invaded by Raiders/
    your Hits are Evaded by a Force Stronger than Vaders/
    My Verse is Ingraved in your Brain,Your Thoughts Get Inslaved/
    You Cry out in Pain,your Whole Frame is Melted in a River of Flames/
    Your Skull gets Incased on a Shelf near my Drapes/
    A Steady Medley of Textcee's on there Knees Breathing Heavy/
    they Bow to the King,Feel my Reigns Force and Longevity/
    My Rhymes Structure and Complexity Command you to Pay Homage/
    my Verses Tenacity are Rare, Priceless and Polished/
    I Ravage and Abollish Circular Logic Comments that get Passed off as Knowledge/
    I Hit like the Mob Does,you Get Layed Benneth Crop Dust/
    your Girls Obsession with me is Apparent,UnHealthy and Beyond Crush/
    it's at a Level you Can't Touch,i'm the Swing King and your just the Bat boy/
    i'll leave you Wetter than Bath Toys,Smash your Face like an Asteroid/
    Deeper Impact than Sex toys,on your Back like a Porn Star/
    you Boys are Just Poor Slobs who Get Handled like Door Knobs/
    ya Girl on all Fours like a Pro Dog,she get Piped with the Crobar/
    Flagrant Assasins Vaporize the Masses/
    Bodies and Caskets Burn like Lava and Acid/
    Masive Blasters of Plasma Reduce Souls to Ashes/
    Gun Slingers and Slashers compete for the Earth's Destruction/
    Corruption Confusses the Weak and the Helpless/
    the Selfless fight for the Human Rights and Continued Production/
    a Deduction of Freedom Leads to Dispair and Disaster/
    a Conduction of war by the Maestro's and Masters/
    Dwellers and Tenants suffer from the Chemist who's Mind's gone Menaced/
    Remnents of Bodies and Souls without Pennits, Sentenced to Eternity in Firey Tenaments/
    Screeches and Far Cries,Demons with Dark Eyes,in your Mind Going Threw Archives/
    Keep your Thoughts Deep in the Dark and Away from the Sunshine, Separated like Apartheid/
    these Ghosts are after ur Sanity,Satans Reach to Humanity/
    Murder and Vanity,get ya Caught for Eternity/
    Cathedrals and Churches are the Meccas of Worship/
    Get ya Life for a Price,a Worth wile Purchase/
    on The Surface ur Calm,but Deep Down your Cursed like the Eath is/
    The Minority helps the Majority see the Priority/
    War Torn Glory is Statutory for Purgatory/
    a Gorey Orgasm Spawns Demons that Claim to be Yours on Maury/
    a Flurry of Paper Dents ur Pockets like Craters/
    a caper of Destruction,Plots,Rumors and Corruption/
    Shots pass by you like Nothin, Feels like Noone can Touchem/
    no Ogre can Lunchem,no Boxer can Punchem,noone can Defeat him, just sit back and feed him/

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    yea i'm ill

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    thats was fresh

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    u record shit or no if so u should post up a song

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    Just cause he can write does nor mean he can flow

    Quote Originally Posted by richard roy isaacson III
    u record shit or no if so u should post up a song

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    i can'y record on this crappy computer, but i'm from rhode island and have a thick new england accent so you'd probley dig the flow.

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    probley be doin audio in a few days

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