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Thread: Lecrae "Gravity"

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    Lecrae "Gravity"

    Anybody got a chance to peep this out, I bought the album, It's projected to sell 70K first week and will be the #1 Hip-Hop album when the charts are released. It's definitely worth the listen. One of the best lyricists from the South in my opinion. I enjoyed the album and would give it at least and 8/10

    <table ="tracklist">

    1. The Drop (Intro) 2. Gravity feat. J.R. 3. Walk with Me feat. Novel 4. Free From It All feat. Mathai 5. Fallin' Down feat. Swoope and Trip Lee 6. Fakin' feat Thi'sl 7. Violence 8. Mayday feat Big K.R.I.T. and Ashthon Jones 9. Confe$$ions 10. Buttons 11. Power Trip feat. PRo, Sho Baraka and Andy Mineo 12. Lord Have Mercy feat. Tedashii 13. I Know ?14. Tell the World feat. Mali Music 15. Lucky Ones feat. Rudy Currence

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    Won a grammy for this album recently. ..also krizz kaliko is going to be on lecraes label mate andy mineos' new album "heroes for sale" out 04/16/13. andy is a beast too!

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    so currently I'm check the gravity album out, and "so far" i like how he doesnt push religion in peoples faces even though ive read that he is really religious (ive also noticed no parental advisory sticker on his cd). religion aside since that'd cause a war with any forum, he is good. definitely gonna give the album a good listen. if i like it then ill definitely support him and buy a copy.

    Edit: then i get to the walk with me song (ive skimmed the album very quickly on youtube, and then downloaded it. lol so far still good. just funny.

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