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Thread: Another Whack Rapper Diss

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    Another Whack Rapper Diss

    you wack rappers are the RETARDED TYPE you couldnt START VIOLENT CRIMES if I gave you a SHARPENED KNIFE i'll stab you until you START to DIE then tell you "get ready to DEPART from LIFE" then rip your HEART from SPINE put my barrel to your head and SPARK the NINE have the cops searchin for a CARCUS aint READY for ME swingin MACHETTES at KNEES RIP your NECK and put your HEAD at EASE i'll GRIP the TECK and make your CHEST BLEED and PLEASE BELIEVE this isnt shit to ME money might make the world go around but mother fucker DEATH is FREE...i'll soak you in FLAMEABLE GASES make you chug SULPHURIC ACID then burn you into UNEXPLAINABLE ASHES man fuck a SUSTAINABLE CASKET i'll slap you back like an ACTRESS and call you a FAGGOT while im on top of you SCRAPPIN you're not a rapper you're ACTIN my clips will hit you from the ancles to your ABDOMEN and you wont come BACK for ATTACK because you HAVE NO MEN except FAGG HOMO FRIENDS...

    Another WHACK RAPPER diss...

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    still dont get why you keep dissing ur self???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blizzum
    still dont get why you keep dissing ur self???

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