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Thread: A diss to all wack rappers

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    A diss to all wack rappers

    I'll CARVE ya FACE BITCH slamming it into HARDENED PAVEMENT now you in the hospital needing a HEART REPLACEMENT are you HARD or WASTED? coz i think your SOFT and TASTELESS probably workin with COPS and CASES givin pigs DROPS and STATEMENTS like your BLOCKS a STATION i'll kill this bitch quick like i GOT no PATIENCE if you NARK for PAYMENTS ill pull the KILLER CARD either that or leave you alive with a SQUEELER SCAR so the people will know how REAL YA ARE killas will grill ya REALLY HARD everywhere you GO they'll treat you like a HO callin you a SILLY NARK thats RIGHT ill ruin your fuckin LIFE, ya FEEL ME DAWG? take fat joes ADVICE and LEAN BACK before you get your SPLENE SMASHED i got MEAN RAPS that flow together like a FATASS eatin SNACK PACKS, your garbage, get rolled up and put in a TRASH BAG but i will say this your is only HALF WACK the other half just sucks and gets LAUGHED AT like kids in accelerated MATH rockin pokemon BACKPACKS im the dude smokin on FAT BAGS through GAS MASKS holdin you gun point ASKIN "where the CASH AT?", and if i dont kill you, youll be haunted forever by FLASH BACKS mother fucker SCRATCH THAT when it comes to BAD RAP your a ACT your gonna die when these GATS BLAST or this BAT SLAPS paintin the walls with the MASS(MASSIVE) SPLASH... i'll CRUSH the SPINE and burn muscle tissue when i BUST the NINE nothin left TA FIND except GUTS and SLIME like a Colonel MUSTARD CRIME where i come from BUSTAZ DIE so ima let you TOUCH the SKY after i CUT this GUY you a bitch so FUCK ya LIFE ima GRAB and GRASP your SLUT in the BACK of the herse while they seal your CASKET-SHUT you a fuckin rookie and im a fuckin MASTER BRUH leavin you bruised BATTERED blood SPLATTERED trashed DISASTERED and im still SMASHIN YUH...

    (This is dedicated to any hatin ass faggot ass wack ass rapper on this site.. Lol get offended if you fit the description.. Bitch.

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    you should do a collab with perz dopest

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    keyboard rappers scare me

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    Lol I dont only keyboard rap.. I do tracks too, I just dont have the right equipment for that at the moment.

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    I dont like how you capitalize the words that rhyme. Extremely irritating &\

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    I was thinking the same thing. Maybe even get pocket change to do a verse

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy Zakrajsek
    you should do a collab with perz dopest

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    oh yea.. pocket change on the hook!

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole Payan [AVCP333
    ]I was thinking the same thing. Maybe even get pocket change to do a verse

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy Zakrajsek
    you should do a collab with perz dopest

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    that was alot better then that free u put up

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