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    Sick Shit

    GRIPPIN TECKS and RIPPIN NECKS i'll be SPLITTIN FLESH who's GETTIN it NEXT? i'm always SPITTIN FRESH puttin rappers down to SIT and REST i'll leave them DIPPIN STRESSED for thinking they had a chance against the KID-WITH-BREATH the KID-WITH-REP INFLICTIN DEATH and DISMISSIN PESTS grabbin blades and STICKIN ya CHEST cave in your face and KICK-IN the REST my raps is the QUICKEST talkin about doing COKE and SLAPPIN BITCHES grab them by the THROAT and CRACK-EM with DISHES broken GLASS and STITCHES CHOKIN the BADDEST CHICKLEST no i mean the FATTEST BITCHES SMASHIN em with BATS and leave HACKED and TITLESS you people cant GET THIS i'm SICK and DISMISSIVE sicker than r-kelly when he PISSES im on this MISSION to get bills FLIPPIN and i'm STILL SIPPIN on MICKEYS everybody trying to GET ME kill me and STICK ME in a CASKET but fuck THAT i'm the FASTEST i see a razor blade and i GRAB IT swing it and STAB IT in your ABDOMEN slappin bitches and STABBIN MEN now i'm ATTACKIN FRIENDS when we're RAP BATTLE'IN... i got GATS BLASTIN at CATS for ASKIN if i'm really SMASHIN WHACK CATS RAPPIN so whats HAPPENIN? this ACIDS takin fluids from my BACK AGAIN but fuck my spinal CORD i'm gonna go BUY some MORE to forget about these HIVES and SORES caused from DYIN WHORES who got GENITAL WARTS and now my GENITALS are SORE while i'm jackin off in a MENTAL WARD thinkin about two fat ass IDENTICLE WHORES i'm the type to start a new CENTINIAL WAR drain your blood and sell it back to you for 10 PENNIES a QUART...... Idkkkk man, just some sick shit I had running through my mind.

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