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Thread: The End

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    The End

    this is the END my FRIEND when the demons DECEND this shit isnt PRETEND no time to REPENT for your SINS when these creatures start GRABBIN your LIMBS and DRAGGIN you IN you can scream you can YELL but will you scream for anyone ELSE? or will you only YELL for YOURSELF while your pulled to your CELL inside the gates of the fiery depths of HELL and no way to REPEL the fact that you FAILED... Every BEING KILLED the blood of the earth BEING SPILLED what you're SEEING is REAL and theres no DEFEATING this DEAL we was WARNED we was SWORN about this big STORM and we live a life of GREEDINESS STILL more concerned about your diamonds and gold and MEANINGLESS GRILLS then the NEEDY children who's ILL this isnt how human BEINGS were SUPPOSED to be BUILT but after your BONES have RE-FILLED the earth and it's RE-HEALED i SUPPOSE he'll RE-BUILD... but for us it's just a little too LATE he gave us chance and we dug our own GRAVES instead of love we'd rather HATE we'd rather spit on the world than to APPRECIATE so we forced the man to INITIATE and engage his plan to REPLACE the world back to it's original SLATE... there's no one to blame and theres no taking SIDES this is our fault we TRIED but caused a mass SUICIDE so where you gonna HIDE when them demons start to RIOT? and everybodys FIGHTIN for their LIVES MAN.. haha it's kind of FUNNY because suddenly nobody will care about MONEY or CREDIT or DEBT we'll all be HEADIN for DEATH no more SETTLEMENTS LEFT to FINISH this world will be DEMINSHED with everybody IN IT screamin to be REPLENISHED scared shitless of their SENTENCE it's crazy because we'll all become the people we wish we could be at the very last MINUTE... it's really too bad ISNT IT?

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    Lol you cant escape it.. So just buckle down, clench your teeth and fuckin deal with it :P

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