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Thread: Chronic Level Albums

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    Chronic Level Albums

    How does it feel to put in the number of years you have and put out arguably "The Chronic" level albums out musically and not really get the "mainstream" acknowledgment? financially especially!

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    The chronic is one of the best rap albums imo, music just isnt what it used to be in the 90's its not as good, its majority shit. its rare that u find a "chronic album" these days

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    yeah man. i had this convo at work today. its hard to get true rap nowadays. i wish i was born 10 years earlier so i could have been part of the best metal community (80's ish) and the best true rap (90's) . everybody spits about the same shit nowadays. the one group that i thought reminded me of the "good ol days" was slaughterhouse. i found that most of my favorite music is a good decade or 2 ago tho. im starting to get into old outkast, atmosphere, brother ali, murs, that kinda shit now. these guys are the few that have kept music alive, but the industry is dead now, filled with abunch of fake mother fuckers

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