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Thread: Tech n9ne Collabs

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    Tech n9ne Collabs

    Can some people help me with some of the hot tech collaborations. I've got all his own stuff but was trying to check out some stuff I havent heard with some other artists. Any recommendations?

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    Junior Member bobots's Avatar
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    wild-kredulous ft. tech
    sumn like a pimp-paul wall ft. tech and krizz
    paranoid-monday ft. krizz
    donde esta la fiesta- tech
    you can find a shitload on youtube. just type "ft. tech n9ne"

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    Tech and Lil' Wyte would be hot as hell, even though it hasn't, and probably won't happen. But, Tech and Bone Thugz is always win.

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    Show Em What Crazy Is - Canibus and Keith Murray feat. Tech N9ne

    Only one I can think of off the top of my head.

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    dark places ceza ft tech n9ne

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