I'm missin a couple parts, but.

"I am the definition of murder. The n9ne is now coming to serve ya.

You're running but you can't go no further. Cuz I'm running through you with no sign of inertia.

Gimme the mic.......

what you better do when i'm bussin I be flippin I'm incredible.

Never get on my level I'm a killer with the pedal to the medal

You're edible and your death is so inevitable.

I can take it to your momma, your daddy. in the back of a caddy

Get cut up in a sac and I'm baggin you. Then I

take it out and make a patty you gotta be patty cuz that'd be bad if you decide to get mad is you gonna?

You can listen to me and see I'm a nigga with the ammunition I'm givin the livin a vision of death Makin em sick and depressed.

Cuz I be givin everything I'm a rebel and I spit with the quick and the best. Makin em.....

rip and diminish ya. Trip and I finish ya. Niggas you really get me livid I'm bout to give it a pivot imma stick it so wicked different and sinister.

I be the top one that got yo little boppers goin off us better not let me up on the premesis. Cuz imma doctor that's for the shotaz when I brought ya be cautious never talk of this nemesis.

We on top of hill when it come to the skill of the rappers and damn jokers. They be givin the people comedy but the tecca nina mizery shit is BRAM STOKER!