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Thread: Anyone like Hollywood Undead?

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    Oct 2009

    Anyone like Hollywood Undead?

    Any of you guys into them? I'm starting to get into their shit, medicore lyrics, but they are pretty legit.

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    Yeah dude Everywhere i go is hella funny tho they get prety old tho

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    Nov 2008
    I only like one song by them. "No.5".

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    They decent. .

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    the gangster song is pretty funny, i dont like them that much though, every song sounds the same, i think linkin park is one of there mentors or somethin, cause you get the dudes rapping or speaking then the other dude that sings pretty much only the chorus, not alot put into there songs,

    id be interested in hearing charlie sheen or whatever his name is, i want some of his solo shit possibly...

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    They're straight. The songs Undead and Bottle and a gun are tight.

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    Theyre alright. Some songs are really good, and some annoy the shit outta me

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    Undead is their best song. their shit gets worn out quick.

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    i thought they was cool once,then my homie told me every song is the fuckin same an it made me relize that it is all the same lol

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    they're pretty tight, basically good party music

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